Young Travel Incoming (up to 5 years)

travel insurance for au pair stays in Germany

Young Travel Incoming offers perfect insurance coverage for young people up to 35 years of age and with permanent place of residence abroad, who are planning to stay in Germany for further-educational measures:

  • au pair with a german homestay family
  • pupils or language students staying in Germany
  • students, scholarship holders or doctoral candidates visiting a university in Germany
  • participants in Work & Travel programs
  • other persons who can prove that they temporarily take part in further-educational measures

You can chose between two service levels in travel health insurance, accident insurance and private liability insurance. Find out all details in the chart "benefits" below.

Young Travel (Incoming to Germany) up to 5 years
duration of stay in Germany: max. age: 35 years / premiums per day
Basic Profi
  Health Insurance
up to 365 days 1.19 € 1.75 €
min. premium 15 € 25 €
365-1,825 days 1.65 € 2.15 €
add-on package Basic Profi
up to 1,825 days 0.27 € 0.60 €
min. premium 5 € 10 €
add-on package Basic: SOS, accident & liability insurance
add-on package Profi: SOS, accident, liability- & luggage insurance
Young Travel (Incoming to Germany)
Benefits health insurance: Type:
Basic Profi
Outpatient medical treatment in accordance with the fee schedule set out at GOÄ acc. no. 437 and section M (laboritory services) up to 1.15-fold


Outpatient medical treatment in accordance with the fee schedule set out at GOÄ acc sections A, E and O (technical services) up to 1.8-fold 1.8-fold
Outpatient medical treatment in accordance with the fee schedule set out at GOÄ for all remaining services 2.3-fold 2.3-fold
Dental treatment for pain relief in accordance with the fee schedule for dentists,
per insurance year
250 € 100 %
Medications and surgical dressings 80 % 100 %
Radiation therapy, light therapy and other physical treatments 100 % 100 %
Massages, compresses, inhalations and physiotherapy no 100 %
Therapeutic aids following an accident 100 % 100 %
Operations 100 % 100 %
Inpatient medical treatment under general care insurance (multiple-bed room) without optional services (treatment by private doctor) 100 % 100 %
Medically necessary rehabilitation measures 100 % 100 %
Screening check-ups for early detection of cancers, per insurance year no 200 €
Outpatient psychoanalytical and psychotherapeutic treatments (up to five sessions per policy year) no 1,000 €
Dental prostheses, up to 50% (waiting period 6 months) nein 2,000 €
Dental prostheses due to an accident 500 € 2,000 €
Medically necessary treatment for pregnancy and treatment during premature birth 100 % 100 %
Pregnancy examinations, per policy year 250 € 100 %
Deliveries, including examination and treatment costs of midwives (waiting period 6 months) 100 % 100 %
Ambulance transport to inpatient treatment 100 % 100 %
Repatriation, if medically desirable 100 % 100 %
An accompanying person during return transport 100 % 100 %
Repatriation of mortal remains to the home country or funeral in the Federal Republic of Germany 20,000 € 100 %
Hospital visit where the stay in hospital exceeds 14 days no 1.000 €
Follow-up liability until restoration of ability to travel 100 % 100 %
deductible: no
Young Travel 365 days (Incoming to Germany)
Benfits liability insurance:
inspection of the liability query and settlement of justified claims
surety guarantee for annuities due
costs of a legal dispute
insured events: Type:
Basic Profi
Everyday liability risks 1 Mio. € 2.5 Mio. €
Liability claims for damage to rented property, per insured event 10,000 € 25,000 €
Damage to the household of the host family 10,000 € 25,000 €
Deportation costs 1,000 € 5,000 €
Loss of keys nein 250 €
Damage to assets nein 10,000 €
Professional liability nein 25,000 €
Bad debt insurance nein 10,000 €
Damage to rented property and deportation costs: 20 %, at least 50 €. Damages to the household of the host family, professional liability and bad debt insurance: 10 %, at least 200 €.
Young Travel 365 Tage (Incoming to Germany)
Insured events accident insurance:
damage to health caused by an accident
pulled muscles and torn ligaments
drowning or suffocation
Insured Sums: Type :
Basic Profi
In the event of disability 20,000 € 60,000 €
Progression in the event of disability exceeding 25% 350 % 350 %
In the event of death (adults) 10,000 € 20,000 €
In the event of death (children up to 18 years) 5,000 € 10,000 €
Rescue costs 5,000 € 10,000 €
Costs of cosmetic surgery 5,000 € 10,000 €
no deductible

outpatient or in-patient treatment:

  • You can consult any doctor or hospital available at your destination (free choice). A prior coordination with HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG is not necessary.
  • In case of emergency please contact the emergency phone number in Germany or in Austria 24 hours a day:
    Germany: +49 40 5555 7878
    Austria: +43 1 315 2444
  • Stays in the USA: If an inpatient medical treatment becomes neccessary in the USA please never make or sign any prepayment. In case of any disagreements please immediately contact the emergency phone number.
  • In any case, a medically reasonable return transport will exclusively be arranged by the emergency call center in co-operation with the doctor / hospital in charge at the destination.
  • Outpatient treatment must be prepaid by the insured person. Please request written diagnostic analysis, the doctor´s bills, receipts and prescriptions. They can be produced in any language or currency.
  • If in-patient treatment is necessary, please immediately contact HanseMerkur. It is possible to arrange direct billing between the hospital and HanseMerkur. Please keep your policy number ready when calling the emergency phone number in Germany or in Austria:
    Germany: +49 40 5555 7878
    Austria: +43 1 315 2444
  • Please submit your claim to HanseMerkur including original documents (treatment) as well as damage notice (see below) after returning home by mail to: HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG, Abt. RLK / Schaden, Siegfried-Wedells-Platz 1, D-20354 Hamburg.
  • If you prefer to submit your claim already while on journey, we recommend to send all documents through an international courier service in order to avoid the risk of loss of documents.
  • In the event of damage, the following documents must be sent to HanseMerkur: copy of the travel confirmation or invoice, insurance policy, your full address and bank account details (incl. IBAN and BIC/SWIFT), damage notice, original documents issued by the doctor or hospital.

damage notice travel health insurance:

Austrian residents can submit their documents to the office of HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG in Vienna. Please us the damage notice for Austria: