Travel insurance for stays abroad

Please do not forget proper travel insurance, if you are planning your next trip abroad. Cancellation or interruption of your trip, visits to a doctor or hospital, damage to your luggage - these risks (and some more) can be covered, if a travel insurance was booked.

Travel insurances offered here are applicable to all stays up to 5 years abroad or according to the Schengen Agreement (Incoming Europe). Each single product offers insurance coverage fitting to the purpose of your stay: work & travel, work abroad, business trip, traineeship, study abroad, scholarship, language holiday, aid projects, private holiday, group tour or round-the-world-trip. Make your choice above and find out all information on your travel insurance.

Best benefits and low premiums are offered in the new STAY Travel Insurance - applicable to all short or longterm stays worldwide!

Please choose between various travel insurances offered on this website: