HanseMerkur Travel Luggage Insurance

Long-term travel insurance for your luggage

The STAY Travel luggage insurance by HanseMerkur offers best insurance coverage for long-term trip!

Available for all stays up to 5 years for a very low premium for single persons and families. Premiums can be paid by instalments (no extra charge!).

Insurance coverage of this long-term travel luggage insurance is valid worldwide during the whole travel period:

  • damage to luggage handed over for safekeeping (e.g. airline or hotel)
  • exceedance of the delivery deadline for luggage (delivery not on the day of your arrival at the destination; refund of purchase of necessary replacements up to 500 €) - e.g. luggage delayed by the airline
  • criminal act by third parties (e.g. theft), damage in the case of transport accidents or damage caused by fire, explosion or elementary event

Insured sums are 2,000 € (single persons) and 4,000 € (families) including these features:

  • valuable items (furs, jewellery, items made of precious metals, photographic and film equipment, portable video systems, laptops) max. 50 % of the insured sum
  • portable audio players, DVD players and mobile phones incl. accessories, musical instruments, glases, contact lenses, hearing aids max. 250 €
  • golfing and diving equipment, bicycles max. 750 €
  • wave boards and windsurfing equipment max. 500 €
  • purchase of neccessary replacements (delayed or lost luggage) max. 500 €

Insurence coverage is given worldwide, leaving the place of permanent residence (begin of journey at home) until return back to the place of permanent residence (end of journey at home). Rides, walks and stays at the place of permanent residence are not considered as journeys. Travelling by car: If the luggage is not being unloaded immediately after arrival at home, insurance coverage ends at the time of arrival at home.

Please find all information on terms & conditions, benefits, premiums and online booking here:

STAY Travel luggage insurance by HanseMerkur is a perfect travel luggage insurance for long-term trips e.g. of students staying at a foreign university, backpackers, work & travellers, globetrotters or trainees staying abroad.