Cancellation cost insurance

Cancellation or rebooking before departure

Refund of damages caused by:

  • cancellation of a trip (before departure)
  • rebooking of the trip (delayed departure)
  • single room supplement

Many insured events like illness, accident, loss of job, adoption of a child, re-examination. Coverage for travellers and relatives. HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung

Travel cancellation cost insurance
travel price: all trips except of cruises cruises
single person family single person family
100 € 6 € 6 € 6 € 6 €
200 € 11 € 11 € 11 € 11 €
400 € 18 € 18 € 18 € 18 €
600 € 28 € 28 € 28 € 28 €
800 € 34 € 35 € 34 € 35 €
1,000 € 38 € 39 € 42 € 43 €
1,500 € 47 € 49 € 53 € 55 €
2,000 € 57 € 58 € 69 € 71 €
2,500 € 75 € 79 € 89 € 93 €
3,000 € 99 € 105 € 115 € 119 €
4,000 € 129 € 133 € 155 € 159 €
5,000 € 159 € 165 € 195 € 199 €
7,500 € 239 € 245 € 265 € 269 €
10,000 € 329 € 335 € 345 € 349 €
Benefits cancellation cost insurance
insured benefits:
refund of contractually owed cancellation costs (incl. an agency fee of up to 100 €, which was owed, invoiced and included in the insured sum)
refund of additional outward journey costs in case of a delayed start of the trip (max. refund: amount of cancellation costs in case of entire cancellation of the trip)
refund of costs for rebooking the trip in case of an insured event (max. refund: amount of cancellation costs in case of entire cancellation of the trip)
refund of costs for rebooking the trip because of any other reason up to 42 days before departure (max. 30 €)
refund of a single room supplement in case of an insured event leading to the cancellation of an insured fellow traveller (max. refund: amount of cancellation costs in case of entire cancellation of the trip)
In case of cancellation because of unexpected illness, which has been treated out-patient, there is a deductible of 20 % of the damage, at least of 25 €. In case of cancellation because of any other insured event, there is no deductible.
insured events:
unexpected and severe illness
serious accidential injury
complications in an existing pregnancy or determination of pregnancy after the commencement of the insurance
intolerance to a vaccination
information on a fixed date of an organ donation or organ transplantation according to the German law on organ transplantations
job loss followed by unemployment as a result of an unexpected
business-related termination of employment by the employer.
assumption of a job subject to social insurance or an activity with
compensation for additional costs ("1-Euro job") from a state of unemployment. Not insured: traineeships, internal trainings as well as employment of school children or students during or after their school or university time.
short-time work that is necessary due to the economic situation with
an expected reduction in income of at least the amount of a regular
monthly net pay
(voluntary) change of job, whereby the insured trip or rental falls in the probationary period, but as a maximum in the first 6 months of a new job
considerable damage to the property (at least 2,500 €) as a result of fire, water-mains burst, elementary event or criminal act by a third party
adoption of an underagend child, if your personal appearance is neccessary during the planned travel time
resit of a failed examination falling in the planned travel time or up to 14 days after end of the planned trip in order to avoid extension of the time spent at school or university or to successfully complete a course
failure to move up into the next year (if a school or class trip was booked)
unexpected summons
unexpected to do basic military service, duty training or civil service
missing a connecting means of transport as a result of delay (at least 2 hours) or cancellation of a public transport service
unexpected severe illness or death of a dog or cat registered to travel with you
additional persons at risk:
insured persons who have booked and insured a trip together (up to 6 persons; in case of more than 6 persons (family premiums: 2 families) travelling together only relatives are insured together)
relatives not taking part in the journey: spouses, life partners, children, parents, adoptive children, adoptive parents, step-children, step-parents, foster children, foster parents, grandparents, siblings, grandchildren, parents-in-law, children-in-law, siblings-in-law, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces)
persons looking after minor-age or care-dependant relatives of an insured persons
pre-existing conditions:
No insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions which have been treated medically within the past 6 months before booking of the insurance policy (check-ups excluded).