Young Travel (up to 5 years)

travel insurance for your education abroad

Young Travel by HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung offers best travel insurance for young people up to 35 years of age with permanent place of residence in Germany, who can prove that they are temporarily staying abroad to take part in further-educational measures:

  • au pairs
  • pupils or language students
  • students, scholarship holders or doctoral candidates
  • participants in Work & Travel programs
  • other persons who can prove that they temporarily take part in further-educational measures

Travel health insurance is available as "Basic" or "Premium" product. For details on benefits please see "benefits" below).

Young Travel travel insurance (up to 5 years)
travel health insurance
duration of stay: USA & Canada excluded USA & Canada included
per day 1. - 12. month 1.05 € 1.39 € 1.79 € 1.95 €
per day 13. - 60. month 1.59 € 1.95 € 2.49 € 2.69 €
add on COMPACT: accident, liability & emergency insurance
per day 1. - 60. month 0.24 € 0.24 € 0.24 € 0.24 €
add on COMFORT: accident, liability, emergency & luggage insurance
per day 1. - 60. month 0.59 € 0.59 € 0.59 € 0.59 €

You will easily find the right premium for your trip by taking these hints:

  • This travel health insurance can be booked by all persons who temporarily (max. 5 years) will stay abroad as au pair, pupil, language student, student, scholarship holder, doctoral candidate, participant in Work & Travel programs or for other further-educational measures.
  • maximum age: 35 years
  • Permanent place of residence must be Germany
  • Insurer: HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung.
  • Is not required that you are insured in Germany or in any other home country while you are on your journey.
  • If you are travelling on a transit flight through USA or Canada or if you spend not more than 1 night as a transit passenger on your outward and/or return journey, you can apply the cheaper premium “USA & Canada excluded”.
  • The insurance coverage is valid worldwide except of USA & Canada (if choosen), Germany or other home country. Home countries are countries around the world, where you have a registered residence.
  • Travel health insurance needs to be booked over the entire journey time (date of departure from your home country until date of return to your home country).
  • Maximum insurance period: 5 years.
  • If your travel plan is changing while you already abroad, you can prolong your policy up to 5 years. The additional premium is exactly counted for the extended time. Please contact us by Email before your present policy expires.
  • Prolongation is only possible upon approval by HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG. Insurance coverage is only provided for claims, illnesses, complaints and the consequences of such, that have newly occurred after the application for prolongation (date of time of postmark / online application).
  • If you return to your home country earlier than expected, premiums paid for the remaining insured months will be refunded. Please keep your boarding card or any other document ready that states the date of your return und get in touch with us when you are back home.
benefits Young Travel travel insurance (stays abroad)
benefits travel health insurance: product:
out-patient medical treatment 100 % 100 %
painkilling dental treatment (per insurance year) 250 € 100 %
drugs and dressing material 100 % 100 %
radiation treatment, light treatment, other forms of physicial treatment 100 % 100 %
massages, packs, inhalation treatment, physiotherapy no 100 %
therapeutic aids prescribed due to an accident 100 % 100 %
x-ray diagnosis 100 % 100 %
surgery 100 % 100 %
in-patient treatment 100 % 100 %
medically necessary rehabilitation measures 100 % 100 %
preventive medical checkups (waiting period of 6 months), per insurance year no 200 €
out-patient psychoanalytic treatment (max. 5 sessions per insurance year) no 1,000 €
dental protheses at 50 % (waiting period of 6 months) no 2,000 €
accident-related dental protheses 500 € 2,000 €
pregnancy examinations per insurance year 250 € 100 %
child delivery incl. check-up and costs of treatment by midwives (waiting period of 8 months) 100 % 100 %
medically necessary pregancy treatment and premature birth 100 % 100 %
transport by ambulance for in-patient treatment 100 % 100 %
medically indicated return transport to home country 100 % 100 %
escorts on return transport (1 person) 100 % 100 %
repatriation of remains to home country or burial abroad 10,000 € 100 %
follow-on service abroad 100 % 100 %
dispatch of drugs no 100 %
hospital visit (minimum stay in hospital more than 14 days) no 1,000 €
information on local doctors 100 % 100 %
exchange of information between doctors 100 % 100 %
telephone costs for establishing contact with the emergency hotline no 25 €
remuneration of expenses in the event of in-patient treatment for a maximum of 14 days (per day) 25 € 75 €
remuneration of expenses in the event of out-patient treatment (once only) 15 € 25 €
optional hospital daily benefit for a maximum of 30 days (per day) 25 € 75 €
costs of medical treatment (interruption of journey during the insured period) 100 % 100 %
retained benefit (deductible):
no retained benefit (deductible)
benefits Young Travel travel insurance (stays abroad)
benefits travel emergency insurance: product:
in the event of illness, accident or death
declaration of acceptance (loan) of hospital costs 10,000 € 15,000 €
transportation by ambulance 1,000 € 2,500 €
return transport of luggage no 100 %
costs of the return journey to home country in the event of illness of family members no 1,000 €
in the event of travel interruption or delayed return journey (loan covering additional costs)
illness, accident or death no 100 %
kidnapping 10,000 € 15,000 €
in cases of criminal prosecution
help in the event of imprisonment and threatening imprisonment (loan) 1,000 € 2,500 €
loan for bail 10,000 € 15,000 €
loss of means of payment and documents
loss of treveller´s means of payment (loan) 1,000 € 2,500 €
help in cases of loss of credit cards and EC or Maestro cards 100 % 100 %
loss of travel documents 100 % 100 %
in the event of rebookings or delays
help 100 % 100 %
retained benefit (deductible):
no retained benefit (deductible)
benefits Young Travel travel insurance (stays abroad)
benefits of travel liability insurance:
checking questions of liability and settlement of justified claims
provision of security in cases of due pension entitlements
costs of a legal dispute
insured events: product:
everyday liability risk 1 Mio. € 2.5 Mio. €
liability claims relating to hired or rented property per case of insurance 10,000 € 25,000 €
damages in the host family´s household 2,500 € 2,500 €
loss of keys no 250 €
retained risk (deductible):
Claims relating to hired or rented property: 20 % of the determined damage amount or a minimum of 50 €. Claims relating to damages in the host family´s household: 10 % of the determined damage or a minimum of 150 €.
benefits Young Travel travel insurance (stays abroad)
insured events travel accident insurance:
damage to health as the result of an accident
strains and torn ligaments
drowning or suffocating
insurance sums: product:
in case of invalidity 20,000 € 40,000 €
progressive grade in case of more than 25 % invalidity 350 % 350 %
in case of death (adults) 10,000 € 20,000 €
in case of death (children up to 18 years of age) 5,000 € 10,000 €
rescue costs no 5,000 €
costs of cosmetic surgery no 5,000 €
benefits Young Travel travel insurance (stays abroad)
insured events travel luggage insurance:
damage to luggage while in the safekeeping of others
delayed deliveries
criminal acts of third parties
damage due to traffic accident
damage due to fire, explosion or natural desasters
insurande sum: 2,000 €
indemnification limits (limited for items listed below):
furs, jewellery, artefacts made of precious metal, photographic equipment, film equipment 1,000 €
electronic data processing devices, electronic communication equipment and entertainment equipment incl. accessories 250 €
golfing and skin-diving equipment, in each case incl. accessories 500 €
surfboards, windsurfing equipment, in each case incl. accessories 500 €
musical instruments incl. accessories (if taken along for private use) 250 €
glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids 250 €
replacement purchases in the event of delayed delivery 500 €
films, image, sound and data carriers material value
identity cards, passports, motor vehicle registration documents, other identification papers official charges
retained risk (deductible):
no retained risk (deductible)
insured goods:
Luggage: Goods that are taken along on the journey for one´s personal travelling requirements, as well as presents and souvenirs purchased during the journey. Articles that are usually only taken along for business purposes or such articles purchased during the journey are not insured.
Sports equipment and accessories (though not motors) are only insured when they are not in use for sports.
Valuables in the sense of this regulation are furs, jewellery, artefacts made of precious metal, photographic equipment, film equipment, electronic data processing devices, electronic communication equipment and entertainment equipment, in each case incl. accessories.
Goods not insured:
cash, cheques, cheque cards, credit cards, telephone cards, securities, travelling tickets, deeds, certificates and documents of all kinds. Items with a predominantly artistic value or collector´s items, gold used in dentistry, protheses of all kinds. Firearms of all kinds incl. accessories, as well as land vehicles, aircraft and watercraft, hang gliders, gliders and parachuters, in each case incl. accessories.
Area of application:
The insurance cover applies worldwide. Drives, walks and stopovers at the insured persons´premanent place of residence are not regarded as a journey. If, when travelling in a motor vehicle, the luggage is not unloaded immediately after arrival at the premanent place of residence, the insurance cover will be considered to have already ended at the time of arrival.

If you interrupt your journey once or several times for a temporary stay in your home country, insurance coverage in your home country is as follows:

  • insured period up to 12 months: no coverage in your home country
  • insured period of more than 12 months: 6 weeks coverage per insurance year

The limited insurance coverage in home country cannot be saved up during a stay of several years. If an insured year expires, insurance coverage for interruptions of max. 6 weeks per year automatically also expires.


  • Your stay in home country is an interruption of your journey abroad (which is continued at the end of your stay in home country).
  • The interruption takes place within the insured period.
  • Insurance coverage in home country is fully equal to insurance coverage abroad. The travel health insurance is no replacement for any public or private health insurance in your home country.

If your journey is finished earlier than scheduled (regardless of the reason, also in case of a return transport to your home country) there is by no means insurance coverage in the home country. Your insurance policy automatically expires on the day of final return to your home country. Premiums for the remaining perios not used because of premature return travel will be refunded. Please contact us.

outpatient or in-patient treatment:

  • You can consult any doctor or hospital available at your destination (free choice). A prior coordination with HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG is not necessary.
  • In case of emergency please contact the emergency phone number in Germany or in Austria 24 hours a day:
    Germany: +49 40 5555 7878
    Austria: +43 1 315 2444
  • Stays in the USA: If an inpatient medical treatment becomes neccessary in the USA please never make or sign any prepayment. In case of any disagreements please immediately contact the emergency phone number.
  • In any case, a medically reasonable return transport will exclusively be arranged by the emergency call center in co-operation with the doctor / hospital in charge at the destination.
  • Outpatient treatment must be prepaid by the insured person. Please request written diagnostic analysis, the doctor´s bills, receipts and prescriptions. They can be produced in any language or currency.
  • If in-patient treatment is necessary, please immediately contact HanseMerkur. It is possible to arrange direct billing between the hospital and HanseMerkur. Please keep your policy number ready when calling the emergency phone number in Germany or in Austria:
    Germany: +49 40 5555 7878
    Austria: +43 1 315 2444
  • Please submit your claim to HanseMerkur including original documents (treatment) as well as damage notice (see below) after returning home by mail to: HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG, Abt. RLK / Schaden, Siegfried-Wedells-Platz 1, D-20354 Hamburg.
  • If you prefer to submit your claim already while on journey, we recommend to send all documents through an international courier service in order to avoid the risk of loss of documents.
  • In the event of damage, the following documents must be sent to HanseMerkur: copy of the travel confirmation or invoice, insurance policy, your full address and bank account details (incl. IBAN and BIC/SWIFT), damage notice, original documents issued by the doctor or hospital.

damage notice travel health insurance:

Austrian residents can submit their documents to the office of HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG in Vienna. Please us the damage notice for Austria: