Aid in cash, Payment, SIM card, documents & loss of keys protection worldwide

Aid in cash, blocking of payment & SIM cards, replacement keys, replacement of stolen documents

Card Protection Premium offers perfect benefits for your day-to-day life and during your trips worldwide in case your wallet or bag has been stolen:

  • aid in cach
  • blocking of all credit, giro, SIM or member cards issued in Germany
  • protection against misuse of cards before your notice of loss was made
  • application of new credit cards
  • key protection including replacement keys
  • replacement of official documents (driving license, vehicle registration certificate, passport, identity card)
  • refund of hotel costs and costs of return trip

Card Protection Premium is simple, save and reliable:

  • You can register your cards and documents in your personal and PCI certificated login.
  • In case of robbery or theft only 1 call to you 24/7 hotline will initiate all blockings possible, aid services and applications.
  • Hence you will avoid inconvenient search for card data and contacts to numerous providers.

Please find a detailed list of services below the price table.

Prices Card Protection Premium
duration: 1 year 3 years
price: 59 € 129 €
All prices including current VAT.
Services Card Protection Premium
One call - One solution
24/7 service hotline
blocking all cards issued in Germany: credit cards, giro cards, SIM cards, member cards
application for replacement cards
aid in cash (at least 100 km distance to your permanent place of residence) up to 1,500 €
refund of hotels costs up to 1,500 €
refund of cost for return trip up to 1,500 €
misuse of cards: coverage for costs not refunded by the issuing bank up to 500 €
assistance in case of loss of keys
registration of official personal documents (e.g. passport data)
refund of costs:
blocking of cards and replacement cards up to 200 €
replacement keys up to 200 €
cash in case of theft up to 200 €
refund of deposits at payment cards up to 200 €
replacement documents (driving lisence, registration certificate, passport, identity card) up to 200 €
replacement bag or wallet up to 200 €
valid: worldwide
Please note:
All services are applicable to the card holder and to the life or marriage partner living in the same household as well as to up to 3 children up to 18 years of age living in the same household. Binding services are provided only according to the terms & conditions of CPP.