VISUM Plus Schengen insurance up to 365 days

VISUM Plus insurance up to 365 days

Guests from abroad holding a visa and staying in Europe up to 1 year can find here a special travel insurance. The product is available either for a single stay or for multiple-entry visa up to a total of 90 days of stays in Europe during a number of visits per insurance year. The product is applicable to private trips or business travel, a year abroad or any other kind of formation in Europe (Schengen Agreement).

  • travel health insurance without deductible (50,000 €)
  • accident insurance 
  • private liability insurance
  • luggage insurance
  • SOS emergency insurance

This health insurance for foreign guests and visitors fulfils all the requirements for a Schengen visa set out in Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union on 13.7.2009. This insurance policy also acts as documentation for embassies, consulats and border offices.

Visum Plus (Incoming to Europe) up to 365 days
Duration of stay: max. age: 75 years / premiums per day
Health Insurance
  up to 65th birthday up to 75th birthday
up to 365 days 1.20 € 2.50 €
min. premium 15 € 10 €
Add-on Basic: SOS, accident- & liability insurance
up to 365 days 0.27 € 0.30 €
min. premium 5 € 5 €
Add-on Profi: SOS, accident, liability & luggage insurance
up to 365 days 0.60 € 0.70 €
min. premium 10 € 10 €
Visum Plus (Incoming to Europ2)
Benefits Health Insurance:
Outpatient medical treatment in accordance with the fee schedule set out at GOÄ acc. no. 437 and section M (laboritory services) up to 1.15-fold
Outpatient medical treatment in accordance with the fee schedule set out at GOÄ acc sections A, E and O (technical services) up to 1.8-fold
Outpatient medical treatment in accordance with the fee schedule set out at GOÄ for all remaining services 2.3-fold
Outpatient mreatment outside of Germany refunded in the context of the local rates 100 %
Medically prescribed medicines and drugs 100 %
Medically prescribed massages, medical compresses and inhalations, up to 300 €
Medically prescribed adjuvants following an accident 100 %
Painkilling dental treatment/restoring function of dentures, up to 300 €
Pregnancy check-ups and treatment 100 %
Delivery after a waiting period of 8 months 100 %
Cost of inpatient treatment in multiple-bed room 100 %
Transportation to inpatient treatment 100 %
Repatriation/funeral costs 100 %
Deductible: no
Maximum benfit: Benefits are limited to a total of 50,000 € per insured person for all insurance incidents.
Visum Plus (Incoming to Europe)
Benfits liability insurance:
inspection of the liability query and settlement of justified claims
surety guarantee for annuities due
costs of a legal dispute
insured events: Type:
Basic Profi
Everyday liability risks 1 Mio. € 2.5 Mio. €
Liability claims for damage to rented property, per insured event 10,000 € 25,000 €
Damage to the household of the host family 10,000 € 25,000 €
Deportation costs 1,000 € 5,000 €
Loss of keys nein 250 €
Damage to assets nein 10,000 €
Professional liability nein 25,000 €
Bad debt insurance nein 10,000 €
Damage to rented property and deportation costs: 20 %, at least 50 €. Damages to the household of the host family, professional liability and bad debt insurance: 10 %, at least 200 €.
Visum Plus (Incoming to Europe)
Insured events accident insurance:
damage to health caused by an accident
pulled muscles and torn ligaments
drowning or suffocation
Insured Sums: Type :
Basic Profi
In the event of disability 20,000 € 60,000 €
Progression in the event of disability exceeding 25% 350 % 350 %
In the event of death (adults) 10,000 € 20,000 €
In the event of death (children up to 18 years) 5,000 € 10,000 €
Rescue costs 5,000 € 10,000 €
Costs of cosmetic surgery 5,000 € 10,000 €
no deductible
Visum Plus (Incoming to Europe)
Insured events travel luggage insurance:
damage to luggage handed over for safekeeping
exceedance of the delivery deadline for luggage (delivery not on the day of your arrival at the destination)
criminal act by third parties
damage in the case of transport accidents
damage caused by fire, explosion or elementary event
Insured sum: 2,000 € for each insured damage event. For the items specified below, compensation is limited to the following amounts: Type:
Basic Profi
Valuables no 50 %
Glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids and mobile phones (car phones are not insured), including accessories for the aforementioned items no 250 €
Golf and diving equipment, bicycles, including accessories for the aforementioned items no 750 €
Surfboards, windsurfing equipment, including accessories for the aforementioned items no 500 €
Musical instruments, including accessories (if taken on the trip for private purposes) no 250 €
IT equipment and electronic communication and entertainment systems, including accessories no 250 €
Emergency purchases due to overdue delivery of luggage no 500 €
Refund the value of the material in the case of films, video, sound and data media no yes
Administrative fees for identity cards, passports, motor vehicle documentation and other types of ID n0 yes
deductible: 50 € per claim
Travel luggage: personal travel necessities taken on the trip, as well as gifts and souvenirs acquired during the trip. Items that are normally intended only for professional purposes taken on or acquired during the trip are not insured. The present value of the items is insured.
Sports equipment incl. accessories (excluded: motors) is only insured as long as it is not being used within the scope of intended use.
Valuable items within the meaning of this provisions are furs, jewellery, items made of precious metals, photographic and film equipment, portable video systems, laptops and other electronic devices as well as mobile phones incl. accessories.
Visum Plus (Incoming to Europe)
Benefits SOS insurance:
Insured Sums: Type:
Basic Profi
Return travel costs to home country in the event of a family member becoming ill no 1,000 €
Cancellation of trip or delayed return journey due to Illness, accident or death (loan for additional costs) 100 % 100 %
Cancellation of trip or delayed return journey due to abduction (loan for additional costs) 10,000 € 15,000 €
Assistance if detained or when at risk of being detained (loan) 1,000 € 2,500 €
Loan for bail 10,000 € 15,000 €
Loss of travel money (loan) no 500 €
Assistance when credit and debit or Maestro cards are lost 100 % 100 %
Loss of travel documents 100 % 100 %
Aid in case of rebooking or delays 100 % 100 %
no deductible